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Wisdom Teeth Removal

Do you need wisdom teeth removal, or 3rd molars? Wisdom Teeth Removal is common in people in their late teens and early twenties. When the 3rd molar does not erupt at all or only partially erupts, the patient has what is called an “impacted” wisdom tooth. This condition often leads to pain or pressure on the adjacent teeth and a possible infection. Usually, the best treatment option is wisdom teeth removal.

Patients suffering wisdom teeth pain or patients of age where wisdom teeth may soon cause a problem,can be evaluated at our office using a panoramic x-ray. The x-ray will clearly show the whole tooth (teeth) and allow us to determine the best treatment option for you


Do all wisdom teeth have to be removed?

No. If the 3rd molar has fully erupted and is in a good position relative to the adjacent teeth then it should be fine. The decision to remove an “impacted” wisdom tooth is made on a case by case basis.

Can my wisdom teeth be removed in your office?

Yes. Both Dr. Weiss and Dr. Turner have advanced training and experience in extractions.

What is the recovery time?

Generally, the recovery time is only a few days. Taking painkillers prescribed by your dentist will help to manage any pain or discomfort. Following the aftercare instructions will also speed your recovery time.

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