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Mini Dental Implants

What are “Mini” Implants?

Mini Dental Implants (MDI) are narrower in diameter than regular dental implants. These new, small diameter or Mini implants do not involve a surgical procedure. That’s a big plus! This allows for quick healing. In fact, in most cases your denture can be immediately adapted and connected to the new implant, at the same visit!

Who is a candidate for “Mini”Dental Implants?

The “Mini” can be used if you need to:

1) Secure Dentures – both full and partial dentures. Your denture will actually “snap” onto the supporting implants, but can still be easily removed


2) Replace missing single teeth in narrow spaces, where a regular implant would be too wide

How do “Mini” Implants work?

The Mini has 3 components:

  • A metal housing inserted into the base of the denture
  • A rubber O-ring within the metal insert that acts as a connection
  • A mini titanium alloy implant, rooted to the jawbone, which stabilizes the denture

What are the benefits of “Mini” Implants for denture wearers?

The “Mini” implants can help you eat and speak with confidence. There is, in most cases, no surgical procedure, and the healing period is quick. Your “mini” supported denture will, in most cases, no longer require “adhesives” to keep it in place. In addition, the “mini” preserves general oral health, maintaining gum and bone levels. The mini allows you to come to our office for a short procedure and leave feeling more confident in your speech and oral health.

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