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Implants and Implant Crowns

Dental implants and implant crowns are an excellent value compared to conventional crowns and bridges, factoring in comfort, longevity and strength.


Recently, I had to have an implant, it was my only option. Dr. Wendy Burstein did the preliminary procedure to prepare for implant. She was great, very exacting, gentle and with very littel discomfort, she was dead on target. She was awesome. Dr. Weiss treats everyone with great respect, including his staff.
Donna and Mary Pat at the front desk treat me like I’m family and this makes me feel so welcome. They are great


T. Terry True Shrewbury Pa.

For a long time, fixed bridges were the best alternative for people who had lost several teeth, as they were quite successful and esthetically acceptable. Unfortunately, bridges can also present some problems because the natural teeth that lie on either side of the bridge are reduced to support the bridge. This step in the bridge-making procedure may make these teeth prone to bacterial plaque accumulations, decay, periodontal disease, and increase the possible need for future root canals.

In addition, high quality implants can last a lifetime. Dental crowns and bridges may have to be replaced every 10 to 15 years.

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